How Homeopathy can help in times of pandemics

Homeopathy (meaning “treating with a similar toxin”) was defined by German medical practitioners at the time of “Heroic Medicine”, in the early 1800s. Early Homeopathic Doctors were concerned with the toxic elements of treatment drugs used at that time (which included mercury, arsenic or pure quinine…). They started to dilute the drugs to reduce side effects, with a...

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Follow the Stars’ Road Map to Weight Loss Success

Follow the Stars’ Road Map to Weight Loss Success with Metabolic Balance® The role of nutritional therapists in helping high profile stars achieve healthy weight loss has been front page news recently as slimmed-down celebrities queue up to sing the praises of their very own diet guru. Many of the factors in these weight loss success stories...
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The Health Equation A Way of Life

Modern life has much to offer but it also has a set of unique challenges, especially in the area of nutrition. There is so much information and misinformation about which food is good or not so good, that it is difficult for patients yet alone their...
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