Become a Coach

This course is BANT recognised and will generate 11.5 hours of CPD Points

img_3Nutritional Therapists, medical doctors and  complimentary health practitioners that are interested in incorporating a successful adjunct to their practice will find that holding a licence as a metabolic balance® Coach a rewarding and fulfilling experience. This certification will also be an invaluable asset in your career.

You will already know that “fat burns in the fire of carbohydrates and proteins ” and thus have the necessary focus and understanding to enjoy this exciting and innovative training programme to become a certified metabolic balance® Coach. Over just one week-end you will receive certification to practice as a metabolic balance® Coach and will be added to the existing network of Coaches on the metabolic balance® website. 

Dr. med. Wolf Funfack is the founder of metabolic balance® and has written many books on this topic. He was awarded the Medical Wellness Award in 2009 & the HOWARD Health Award in 2011 in recognition of his achievements.

A large study has been completed by a team of scientists in Germany on subjects participating in the metabolic balance® programme, the results were released in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism early 2011.

ATTENTION: The next metabolic balance® Coach training seminar's will run the 18th & 19th April and  7th & 8th November 2020. For further details please contact Gloria Parfitt: 07976 610 157