Age: 23 years old
Reason for doing MB – Food Allergies

Doing Metabolic Balance wasn’t really a choice for me, I had no alternative. I could only eat 6 foods that had to be from the same manufacturer, I permanently had allergic reactions to foods, which ranged from mild dysphagia to anaphylactic shock. For emergencies I had various medications and instructions from the doctor. Obesity was the least of my problems.

When I met with my practitioner and he created my individual plan I was a little scared as there was a lot of food on my plan which I knew I could not eat. For example, In the beginning I only ate papaya, because I thought I was allergic to the sugars in fruit. It was only when I started eating it that I realised "I got no cramps, yes", that’s when it all changed and I started to eat everything on the plan. It was incredibly delicious, and I lost weight, without even trying.

In my opinion eating according to Metabolic Balance, is the only method that eradicates the allergic reactions to certain foods. For the first time I’m actually eating! Meanwhile, I have a cooking blog, I was in a cooking show on TV as a guest, where I prepared a normal meal. I've developed hundreds of recipes and I am incredibly happy.


Age: 32 years old
Reason for doing MB – Weight loss

In March 2010 I woke up one day and thought I was far too fat, I had exceeded the 25 stone limit. So it could not go on. My goal was to get down to less than 15 stones in half a year. What can I say? I've done it!

Honestly, I had closed my eyes to all weight-related impairments and did not realize how bad I felt. It was only when the weight started to come off and life was much easier that I became aware of it. it’s the everyday things like climbing the stairs - I'm far less out of breath quickly and just feel much more comfortable going up and down them.

I chose Metabolic Balance as I’m the type of person who needs clear targets and intersections to do things. The exact quantities shown in my individual plan make it so easy. A friend of mine tried Metabolic Balance a few years ago and had considerable success. I looked at it more closely to see if it would work for me and immediately knew – it was the right thing for me.

The initial detoxification period left me feeling a little exhausted, but after that I was fine. And although I'm pretty involved as a real estate professional, for me there was no problem to eat the things on my diet plan.

The biggest change for is definitely the new body and the feelings associated with severe weight loss. I have much more energy and feel great. At the same time I was a young man I like to look in the mirror. I like the new me and I'm happy.


Age: 29 years old
Reason for doing MB – Health problems & Weight loss

In 2011 I started suffering from severe stomach problems,  I would get meal acid reflux at the end of every meal which just made my stomach bigger and bigger and took my weight up to a level I wasn’t comfortable with.

I consulted with a doctor, who prescribed medication but even that didn’t help.  At 26 years old I was faced with severe obesity, so I had to find another way.  A colleague had mentioned Metabolic Balance and after doing my research on the internet, I quickly made an appointment with a practitioner.

My practitioner created my individual program, something I have been in search of for years.  The initial investment may seem high but you’re investing in your life and it more than pays for itself.  I initially found the program a shock to my system but acclimatizing to it didn’t take long.

There were many people around me who didn’t understand why I wanted do it, but that didn’t stop me.  I completely pulled through Phases 1 and Phase 2, a few misfires in Phase 3.  After the first 2 months I lost 1.5 stones.  I realised in Phase 4 that this needs to be a way of life for me and having completed the program I’m now 5.5 stones lighter and the weight hasn’t piled back on.

I’ve had a great holiday behind me, move around a lot more and like to try out new sports.  It totally changed my life.


Age: 25 years old
Reason for doing MB – weight loss

When I saw photos of my last Christmas, I was totally shocked at what had become of me. At this time I weighed 17 stones and I was very unhappy in general.  I needed to do something & quick. In the past I've tried everything to get thinner, and I mean everything. But in the end all I got was that typical yo-yo effect. I was really frustrated.

I chose Metabolic Balance because of the structure and support. Suddenly everything just fell into place, insanely fast. I lost 2.5 stones in the initial Phases and from then on it was so easy.

I believe that because I was finally happy everything else also fell into place - first I got myself a better job and then I moved in with my boyfriend. I am happy. I've never felt so well.

When I look at my before and after pictures I find it incredible that I was actually that big but so proud of what I’ve achieved!