Follow the Stars’ Road Map to Weight Loss Success

Follow the Stars’ Road Map to Weight Loss Success with Metabolic Balance®

The role of nutritional therapists in helping high profile stars achieve healthy weight loss has been front page news recently as slimmed-down celebrities queue up to sing the praises of their very own diet guru.
Many of the factors in these weight loss success stories are also to be found in principles of the Metabolic Balance® programme, the personalised nutrition ‘road map’ which promotes well-being and weight management. This programme uniquely matches your personal body chemistry with food chemistry and guides you to foods that will deliver the variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to recreate your natural equilibrium and balance. Key to the success of the programme is the ‘one on one’ professional support from Metabolic Balance® Coaches.

Here Comes the Science Bit

The Metabolic Balance® Programme starts with the analysis of a simple blood sample. Then your Metabolic Balance® Coach will use a specially designed food database that selects the foods needed to rebalance the metabolism in accordance with your blood test results, medical history and any current on-going medical issues. The Coach then recommends a four-phase individually tailored nutritional programme which aims to re-balance hormones such as insulin which controls blood glucose levels and triggers the fat burning processes.
Gloria Parfitt is the Head of Metabolic Balance® UK and is a qualified nutritionist. She says that studies proves the Metabolic Balance® programme is both an effective weight loss tool and a permanent solution to yo-yo dieting:

“Coaches like myself have seen consistent results and continue to recommend Metabolic Balance® because we know that it works. This natural holistic approach is based on over 25 year’s research by medical doctors and nutritional scientists. It’s an easy to follow, effective and permanent solution to achieve a strengthened and optimised metabolism. There’s no trial and error or ‘pot luck’ approach with this scientifically proven programme. From the results of your blood analysis, we create an individualised nutrition plan to provide your body with precisely the foods and nutrients that it needs. It’s a personalised nutrition road map to promote well-being and weight management.”

There is currently a network of 140 Metabolic Balance® Coaches across the UK and Ireland. For more information visit the website:

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