The Health Equation A Way of Life

Modern life has much to offer but it also has a set of unique challenges, especially in the area of nutrition. There is so much information and misinformation about which food is good or not so good, that it is difficult for patients yet alone their clinicians to make sense of it all. Our aim initially, was simply to produce a set of videos in an e-book, showing how to prepare and cook tasty and nutritious food based on the sound scientific principles of metabolic balance® with accompanying text, expanding on the principles of why we think that this is simply the best way to eat, in order to enhance health and well-being. However as we developed the e-book we decided that we should really incorporate some of the other ideas that have been developed at The Health Equation.

The e-book contains, 30,000 words of text & 10 HD videos showing the preparation and cooking of real food in combinations to optimise your metabolism, in conjunction with written recipes and several sections of health and well-being. The author is a practising clinician and international lecturer with 27 years of experience helping many thousands of patients through his company The Health Equation. He is also one of the 2 qualified and approved UK lecturers for metabolic balance® UK.

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