Gloria, is the Director for Metabolic Balance UK Ltd. and has spear-headed its introduction to UK; Ireland & the Channel Islands.

metabolic balance® is the unique programme developed by Herr Dr. Med. Wolf Funfack and his team of specialists in Germany over 15 years ago! Gloria is an avid supporter of natural weight management having undergone considerable health changes herself due to hormonal and other health issues!

Excessive weight gain was not on her agenda whilst travelling the 4 corners of the globe with a very busy career in private aviation and so decided to take her passion and enthusiasm for cooking and fine cuisine to a new level and embarked on a 3 year study in optimum nutrition.

Despite having learned the core mechanisms in hormonal balance and supporting overall health and well being, Gloria could not prevent putting on weight! After various medical investigations she became convinced that this was due to a hormonal imbalance and it was a moment of serendipity that led her to discover metabolic balance® and to regain hormonal equilibrium and healthy weight
Due to her own experience, Gloria, is now impassioned to help others to improve their health and well-being through metabolic balance®.
Many conditions including Menopause; PMS; PCOS; Weight Gain or Loss; Poor Digestion; Multiple Allergies; Joint Discomfort and Inflammation or simply a mid-life crisis can be addressed and alleviated with the metabolic balance® programme. She recognises that these ailments and imbalances can be triggered by a cascade of hormonal reactions and also the rejuvenating effect on the body when addressing the main root or cause of the problem.

She has a special interest in anti-aging and is a member of the British Longevity Society and believes 'the body is a very forgiving customer' when treated correctly' and through an optimal diet your cells are nourished and cleansed, allowing the repair of cumulative damage!

Gloria, completed a 2 year post graduate study in clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI) with Natura Foundation in 2013 and continues to follow these principles.

Gloria began her clinical practice in Harley Street and now besides enjoying her work at the renowned Hale Clinic she is committed to spreading the word and method behind metabolic balance®. She runs the training in the UK for qualified nutritionists and other health specialists in this award winning programme(Wellness Medical Award-2009; HOWARD Health Award-2011), so that health professionals may also offer metabolic balance® and its rewards to their clients! You may view her team of licensed consultants by clicking on the 'Find a Coach' tab.