Age: 23 years old
Reason for doing MB – Food Allergies

Doing Metabolic Balance wasn’t really a choice for me, I had no alternative. I could only eat 6 foods that had to be from the same manufacturer, I permanently had allergic reactions to foods, which ranged from mild dysphagia to anaphylactic shock. For emergencies I had various medications and instructions from the doctor. Obesity was the least of my problems.

When I met with my practitioner and he created my individual plan I was a little scared as there was a lot of food on my plan which I knew I could not eat. For example, In the beginning I only ate papaya, because I thought I was allergic to the sugars in fruit. It was only when I started eating it that I realised "I got no cramps, yes", that’s when it all changed and I started to eat everything on the plan. It was incredibly delicious, and I lost weight, without even trying.

In my opinion eating according to Metabolic Balance, is the only method that eradicates the allergic reactions to certain foods. For the first time I’m actually eating! Meanwhile, I have a cooking blog, I was in a cooking show on TV as a guest, where I prepared a normal meal. I've developed hundreds of recipes and I am incredibly happy.