Age: 25 years old
Reason for doing MB – weight loss

When I saw photos of my last Christmas, I was totally shocked at what had become of me. At this time I weighed 17 stones and I was very unhappy in general.  I needed to do something & quick. In the past I've tried everything to get thinner, and I mean everything. But in the end all I got was that typical yo-yo effect. I was really frustrated.

I chose Metabolic Balance because of the structure and support. Suddenly everything just fell into place, insanely fast. I lost 2.5 stones in the initial Phases and from then on it was so easy.

I believe that because I was finally happy everything else also fell into place - first I got myself a better job and then I moved in with my boyfriend. I am happy. I've never felt so well.

When I look at my before and after pictures I find it incredible that I was actually that big but so proud of what I’ve achieved!