Age: 29 years old
Reason for doing MB – Health problems & Weight loss

In 2011 I started suffering from severe stomach problems,  I would get meal acid reflux at the end of every meal which just made my stomach bigger and bigger and took my weight up to a level I wasn’t comfortable with.

I consulted with a doctor, who prescribed medication but even that didn’t help.  At 26 years old I was faced with severe obesity, so I had to find another way.  A colleague had mentioned Metabolic Balance and after doing my research on the internet, I quickly made an appointment with a practitioner.

My practitioner created my individual program, something I have been in search of for years.  The initial investment may seem high but you’re investing in your life and it more than pays for itself.  I initially found the program a shock to my system but acclimatizing to it didn’t take long.

There were many people around me who didn’t understand why I wanted do it, but that didn’t stop me.  I completely pulled through Phases 1 and Phase 2, a few misfires in Phase 3.  After the first 2 months I lost 1.5 stones.  I realised in Phase 4 that this needs to be a way of life for me and having completed the program I’m now 5.5 stones lighter and the weight hasn’t piled back on.

I’ve had a great holiday behind me, move around a lot more and like to try out new sports.  It totally changed my life.