Uniqueness is the focus

You may have learned why Metabolic Balance has been scientifically-proven and to deliver positive results consisitently.

One key to its success is in the value of individualisation:
“No man is (and eats) like another.” This means that you certainly have certain preferences in your diet (with or without meat and fish, with or without dairy products, aversion to certain foods, etc.

Everyone has individual needs

You may have allergies, food intolerances or other ailments that need to be considered in your nutrition plan, e.g. gluten & dairy intolerance  or diabetes etc.,

During the initial  consultation with a metabolic-balance Coach, information on your pre-existing medical history and current conditions or issues are taken into account.

A blood sample is requested and your personal nutrtion plan quickly follows!

Were never far away!

On your way to a balanced metabolism, we’ll take you by the hand and accompany you through the phases of your programme towards health and weight regulation. We will explain exactly how everything works in a personal conversation  and will also talk to you during the various phases about how you can cope with the new change in diet. He will definitely have a lot of individual advice and valuable tips for you. He will also be extremely well-versed in the movement program.

During your personal discussions, you’ll both talk about initial successes that have already been achieved, such as weight loss, improved sleep, better skin and the aleviation of any existing metabolic complaints. 
It’s easier to achieve goals together.