A food plan designed to empower positive lifestyle changes...

Reset your metabolism and wake up your body's innate self repair processes. Experience the joy and excitement of renewed energy and a slimmer version of you.

Your unique nutrition plan is designed for you  based on your bodies nutritional needs identified through a simple blood test and your bodies chemistry. Accomplishing successful weightloss no matter your age.

Cast away the endless struggles and endless diets besieging our lives today and learn and return to regular meals that support your hormonal processes and metabolism.

This is no new method - it is what our ancestors thrived on but today it is far removed from the ultra processed foods that exist today and that many of us rely upon. 

This is where we step in. Highly trained health professionals that guide and advise you through your tranformational journey with Metabolic Balance.

Tired of struggling with your weight? Do you sometimes skip meals or follow a low-calorie or carbohydrate diet? Do you have the feeling that you no longer have control over your food? Or do you often feel tired? And do you often reach for sweets or other snacks?

These are all signs that your metabolism is out of balance. On the one hand, this is because almost all foodstuffs are industrially processed and adapted nowadays, which can seriously confuse our bodies. On the other hand, eating too often and too much also plays a major role in this disturbance. Fortunately, we can help you get a stable metabolism again. This way you can lose weight and immediately take steps towards a healthy lifestyle for the long term!