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The Metabolic Balance Coach you choose will support you through the four phases of Metabolic Balance. In your initial consultation, your coach will outline the programme and go through your current health status and goals. Arrangements will be made for your blood samples to be taken. Results, of which will be taken together with your body analysis, current health conditions, medications and any dietary restrictions.
Each phase is unique and important. You start with phase 1, which lasts two days and is the preparation for metabolism changes. Phase 2, lasts for 14 days and is the strict conversion, detailed precisely in the plan and guided by Coach. Phase 3, is much more flexible and a wider variety of food can be enjoyed.  The programme culminates in Phase 4, called the maintenance phase which really is embracing a healthy new life-style acquired by improved hormonal function and metabolic adjustment. 
No. Our nutritional plans are not available without the support of a registered coach. We believe a fundamental requirement for your long term success is having the right support to guide you on your health journey. Please find your coach via our "Find Your Coach" page.
Your meal plan offers variety and the flexibility to allow success of your programme whatever your circumstances or challenges (within reason). A little forward planning and organisation will ensure  that you can plan is well managed. Your metabolic balance Coach will support you with creative tips, tricks and ideas.
Your body needs time to rest & digest. Snacking, will disrupt this metabolic process and lead energy slumps and those familiar cravings.  The design of each main meal will sustain you to your next meal and burn away unwanted fat!
No, because when your metabolism has adjusted to the new diet and you have achieved your goals, you go into phases 3 and 4 in a relaxation or maintenance of your achieved success. Only a few basic rules that you are familiar with then apply. But rest assured - you will be like the many other participants: you will notice which foods are good for you and which are not. And if you ever have an outlier, just go back to your strict phase for a few days in between - you will have your goals under control again.
Yes, it is designed to have the optimal effect and adjustment for you. Your personal nutrition plan is not a coincidence, but results from your blood tests results and medical history information. Your plan is as unique as your fingerprint. The foods selected support your metabolism and provide you with the ingredients that you have been missing. You have the freedom to select which meals to eat. You will also discover many new and favourite foods from your plan that you may have not tried before or as your taste and palate changes.
In phase 2 in particular, you have to follow the quantity information exactly, because this information correlates with your target weight. When you've achieved your goals, discuss with your Metabolic Balance supervisor what easing of the amounts is possible.
Following the plan is a lifestyle change , mindfully and with enjoyment. At the end of every meal you will be nicely full due to the high-energy foods eaten three times a day. You will not be starving! In between meals you drink the right amount of water calculated for you and so you will be feeling clear headed and focused. Many coaches report that they start to feel the best they've felt in years. If you are tired in the evening in the first few days of the conversion phase, then allow yourself and your body to rest and simply go to bed earlier. It is important to note that every one is individual and in rare cases as the metabolic adjustment happens, some people need a little extra support with hunger. This is one of the reasons why your coach is there to support you and ensure this is very short lived. Always talk over how you are feeling with your coach to ensure that adjustments can be made as appropriate and that you get the best results from phase 2.
Vegetarian plans may be generated for those who eat dairy and eggs. Metabolic Balance is not designed to support Vegans. If you would like more information about this and the science background, please read our book 'Metabolic Balance - The Metabolism Programme' available via Amazon.
Yes, of course. We take this into account when creating your plan and when specifying quantities. Following Metabolic Balance is an excellent way to learn the right foods for you and to generally improve your health and fitness. Talk to your Metabolic Balance coach about your specific goals.
Metabolic Balance is not a diet in the traditional sense, but a proven method for people to learn how to eat well for them. A traditional diets tend to lead to the yo-yo effect because of the severe restrictions on calories, fats, or carbohydrates, which in turn quickly leads to food cravings. This doesn't happen with us. Your plan is your plan. It only takes your laboratory values, your metabolism and your individual nutritional situation into account and provides you with all the necessary calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. You will learn which foods are good for you and which are not. The result of this? It is up to you whether you achieve your health goal and whether you continue to implement the knowledge you have learned leading to long term success. However your individual nutritional plan is your very personal road map for lasting success.
Metabolic Balance is only available from independent professional Coaches. Each Coach will price up their package depending on their speciality and additional features they may wish to add. Please contact your Metabolic Balance coach for all costs of the programme. Many Coaches operate virtually too if there a Coach near you.
You don't have to worry about protecting your data. We only use your data to create your individual nutrition plan and do not pass it on to third parties. After two years, the following data will be deleted from our system or made unrecognisable:                                                                                                                Title, First name, Last name, Address, Phone & Email, DOB & PDF  of the nutrition plan.