...with a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan just for you


Individually tailored to your needs and based on scientific research.  

A personalised plan which teaches you:

  • How to lose weight and maintain the loss
  • Which foods are optimal for you
  • How to combine food choices
  • When and how to eat
  • Portion control 
  • Intermittent fasting

All Metabolic Coaches are fully trained and offer on-going support.

Healthy metabolism - healthy body

Metabolic Balance works by restoring your metabolism so that it can work efficiently again. That means you start to shed those excess kilos and embrace a new and healthier way of life, letting go of unhealthy old habits and learning better ones that will serve you better in the long term.  

Healthy body – healthy mind

This unique nutrition plan plays an important role in not only your body, but also your mind. Eating the right beneficial foods boosts energy as well as brain function. Science has now shown us that 'mood food' really does exist and that there is a 'gut-brain' axis operating at all times.  The right diet is essential for optimal brain function.

Proven, based on scientific facts and with confirmed results

Metabolic Balance© was founded in 2002 and has been continously evolved and optimised by scientific experts.  It was developed by Dr Wolf Funfack, an endocrinologist, alongside an experienced nutritional scientist, Silvia Burkle. It is designed to support the body's own healing process naturally and has consistantly delivered positive results for those strugging with metabolic syndrome; excess weight; type 2 diabetes; high blood pressure; as well as many more conditions. . Secondary effects include successful and sustainable weight management and an enhanced feeling of well-being.  

Activate your 'Inner Healer'

The human body has the capacity to heal itself; orchestrated by the finely-tuned interaction between the immune, nervous and hormonal systems. When our metabolic systems are out of balance, our capacity for proper self-regulation is diminished, making us more susceptiple to infections; allergies; inflammation; auto-immune conditions and a whole host of other complications.

Metabolic Balance has the capacity to reverse this, and the many chronic conditions it causes, through re-tuning this internal orchestra and restoring harmony.  



The positive effects of Metabolic Balance©

Metabolic Balance© promotes rapid fat loss and a healthy body composition, leading to sustainable long-term weight regulation. This is why an independent study has ranked Metabolic Balance as one of the most effective dietary programmes on the market today.  

But Metabolic Balance is doing much more than just helping you lose weight.  As your nutrient status improves and hormonal control returns, you can expect more energy and less inflammation.  Metabolic Balance helps restore your innate vitality and resilience..

Come and join the thousands of satisfied customers that have taken their own Metabolic Balance journeys.

And it’s as simple as this.......

A Metabolic Balance© nutrition plan is based on a combination of personal data and blood analysis.

36 individual blood values are carefully assessed so that any metabolic imbalances and nutrient deficiencies are identified.  Your data* also contains personal information about your health i.e. any food intolerances, eating habits, medical conditions, as well as all your measurements and weight goals. All this information is put together and analysed using sophisticated algorithms to generate your individual plan.

It’s this wealth of individual information that makes Metabolic Balance© as unique as you and so successful at achieving its consistantly positive outcomes.

Come and reset your metabolism with a personalised Metabolic Balance plan. 

*Any data is held confidentially and securely at all times.