Uniqueness is the focus

Metabolic Balance has been scientifically-proven to deliver positive results consistently.  One key to its success is  the high degree of individualisation:

"One man's meat is another man's poison."  A Metabolic Balance plan can cater for individual preferences within a diet (with or without meat and/or fish, with or without dairy products, aversions to certain foods, etc) without undermining its effectiveness, making it much more palatable and agreeable.

Everyone has individual needs

You may have allergies, food intolerances or other ailments that need to be considered in your nutrition plan, e.g. a gluten and/or dairy intolerance or diabetes etc.,

During the initial  consultation with your Metabolic Balance Coach, information on your pre-existing medical history and current conditions and medications are taken into account.

A blood sample is requested and your personal nutrtion plan quickly follows.

We're never far away!

On your way to a balanced metabolism, we’ll take you by the hand and accompany you through all the phases of your Metabolic Balance programme back to health and weight regulation.

We will explain exactly how everything works and also talk to you during the various phases about how you can adjust successfully to the new changes in your diet. 

During your personal discussions, your coach will be tracking  your successes; such as weight loss, improved sleep, better skin and the alleviation of any existing metabolic complaints.  You'll also learn how to maintain these changes long term. It’s much easier to achieve goals together.